How to Use Video to Effectively Market Your Business


Let’s start with a question: how many YouTube videos have you watched today? What about Facebook Live broadcasts or Instagram stories? That’s what we thought…

Video is everywhere. It’s inescapable!

Which means your company needs to take a serious look at implementing the medium into its marketing efforts, if it isn’t already doing so.

Recently, we went over how to do live video for your business. In this post, we’ll outline everything you need to know about using non-live video to market your business. You’ll see the stats on video marketing’s prominence, learn the different kinds of videos you can create, and get a few ideas for appropriate content.

We’ll even educate you on the top video promotion techniques and the best apps to make your content both more professional and easier to create and market.

It’s all here. Shall we get started?

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6 Security Mistakes That Email Marketers Make and How To Solve Them


Email has existed for almost as long as the internet has, and despite the advent of social networks, blogging, instant messaging, and so on, email remains one of the most popular ways to communicate online.

It’s also one of the most effective ways to market your website or brand, too. Simply writing a good message with an offer and then sending it out in bulk to a list of active email subscribers is one of the best strategies to get a high conversion rate and keep your customers/audience engaged.

Unfortunately, email is also the number one target for cybercriminals and hackers to gain access to you and your customers’ data. That’s right, it’s not by going after your network or your website (even though those are also prime targets), but rather your email.

Even if you believe that your online business is not at risk, the truth is that 43% of all cyberattacks are aimed directly at small online businesses. As a result, this is simply not a risk that you can ignore, at least not if you strongly value keeping your company and customer data safe.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what these mistakes are and how you can easily avoid them. Let’s get started.

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A Simple Process for Deep and Effective Keyword Research

keyword research

There’s a lot of information on the internet about keywords — what they are, how to find them, if we should even spend time finding them.

But surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly), there still seems to be a lot of confusion on the topic. We’re here to help!

In today’s post we’ll tackle keywords, in all their convoluted glory, and provide you with a foolproof process to discover and use the right ones for your company.

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How to Deal with Negative Feedback & Complaints

negative feedback

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to please everyone. Need proof? Just think of all the sad people out there who don’t like chocolate. If even the sweetest treat on planet Earth has haters, how can you, a mere mortal, expect to win everyone over?

While not all negative comments are avoidable, there are proactive steps you can take to prevent some of them. For the others, there are ways to respond and fix the problem at hand — and maybe even win points with current or future customers at the same time.

We’ll start with a few ways you can ward off some of the negativity and then jump in with what to do if negative feedback happens.

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8 Ways to Speed Up Website Load Time by 50%

website load time

In today’s world, what your website looks like may be less important than how fast it loads. Trust us. No one wants to wait for your masterpiece of design and structure to load if it takes more than four seconds.

We live in a culture that is short on both time and patience. Luckily, there are several things you can do to turn a slow-loading tortoise of a website into a hare. Here are eight ways to make your website load much faster.

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The Essential 20-Point On-Site SEO Checklist for Startups

on-site seo

There are a number of steps marketing and SEO managers need to take in order to optimize and outline their startup’s on-site SEO strategy.

When it comes to ranking your website for keywords, you can break the process down into two categories: on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

On-site SEO refers to the practices you should enable on the front- and back-end of your website, which we will discuss in this article.

Off-site SEO, on the other hand, focuses on external marketing of your business. This includes anything from email marketing to social media marketing or any other form of link building (ie, inbound links from external websites).

Having a checklist for both is necessary, especially during the startup stage, because dysfunctional marketing and SEO-strategies leave the door open for competitors to gain more traction and customers online, despite not offering better product or service.

In order to prevent this from happening, we’re going to provide you with a twenty-point on-site SEO checklist that you can implement now.

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Robly Top Rated by TrustRadius for 2018

trust radius

Robly Top Rated Product by TrustRadius for 2018

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers, we’ve nabbed a top rating on TrustRadius for 2018. This is such an honor, considering these awards are given based solely on user satisfaction scores and objective customer opinions. Without your support we wouldn’t be here!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write honest reviews of Robly both here and on G2Crowd. We love feedback — both positive and constructive. Positive feedback keeps our fur sleek and shiny, while constructive criticism motivates us to keep making improvements and updates. We hope that ultimately this makes for a better user experience for all of our customers.

We are grateful for your continued support and feedback. Keep it coming!

Click here to check out our TrustRadius reviews, and click here to read the 2018 email marketing software blog post on the company’s blog.

Do you have additional feedback for us? Tell us in the comments!

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9 Reasons Your Email Click-Through Rate Sucks (And What to do About It)

click-through rateIf you’re serious about using email to grow your business, you need to optimize your click-through rate.


You can write the best copy in the world, you can have the best offer, you can be an absolute marketing genius. But if people aren’t clicking your links, it doesn’t matter how good you are.

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the most common reasons why people don’t click your links. But first, let’s talk about what a normal click-through rate is and when you need to start worrying.

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Segmentation: What, Why, and How to Segment Email Lists

What is Segmentation?

Segmentation is an important tool for targeting email-marketing campaigns. Segmentation is when you filter your list by certain criteria in order to create smaller, more targeted groups for a more personalized email marketing experience.

By grouping customers, emails can be tailored to achieve specific goals based on the segment. Segmentation can increase open rates, provide better customer experiences, and solidify customer loyalty, among other things.

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Cheat Sheet: 6 Robly Tools You Should Be Using

robly tools

Email marketing is hard enough without becoming intimately familiar with all the tools at your disposal. We know lots of our users are strapped for time and oftentimes aren’t taking advantage of all the features in our system. That’s why we wanted to put together some information about some great Robly tools that you should be using if you aren’t already.

So, consider this your insider cheat sheet for using our system.

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Oops! How to Write a Correction Email

correction email

No one likes sending an “Oops” email. Not only does it highlight a mistake, but it means you have to send two emails instead of one. While we did talk about why sending more email can be better for revenue, correction emails aren’t going to be ones you want to send out frequently.

Oops emails can seem risky because it means adding another email to someone’s (already clogged) inbox and pointing out that your business has made a boo boo.

So what do you do when you’re the one who made a mistake?

We’ve put together a simple risk management and crisis response list for you in case of emergencies. It’s important to remember that how you react matters. No business is perfect and mistakes do happen.

Here’s how you can master the damage control process.

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6 Tips for Sending (Non-Pushy) Follow Up Emails

follow up emailEver wondered how to send a follow up email (or three) without potentially annoying the person on the other end? We’ve all been on the receiving side of overly aggressive, sales-y emails. How do you strike the balance between savvy sales technique and overbearing email machine?

In this article, we’re going to break it down for you.

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Robly Tips & Tricks: Use Buttons to Get More Clicks

get more clicksUsing buttons is a great way to get more clicks.

We’re taking some of our most frequently asked questions from our Support channels – as well as some of the features we think are super handy but underused – and highlighting them here on our blog.

Buttons are much better than text links when it comes to a solid Call to Action – we’re going to show you how to add them in two easy steps.

Even if you’re not using Robly for your email marketing platform, we’ll show you examples of why they work better to get more clicks. Perhaps not coincidentally, you’ll want to click the button below read more. 🙂
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Your Email Marketing Cheat Sheet: Dos and Don’ts

dos and don'ts for email marketing

Most companies don’t hand out Email Marketing 101 guides when you join the team. You’re probably busy enough figuring out all of the company’s account logins. And even for more seasoned marketers, there are always new ways of doing things and newer, more updated tools coming out.

To (hopefully) make your job a little easier, we’ve put together the Top 40 dos and don’ts for email marketing.
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