How to Show Customers You Love Them with a Valentine’s Day Email

Valentine's Day Email

Remember sharing candy-filled cards with your classmates on Valentine’s Day or finding a sweet message from a secret admirer? Those small gifts made us feel all warm and cozy inside, so it’s no wonder this holiday continues to be a big one for companies and marketers.

Consumers were expected to spend an average of $136.57 last Valentine’s Day, bringing the total spending to $18.2 billion. Just thinking about all of the chalky conversation heart candies that could be bought with that amount of money makes our mouths water. Okay, maybe not the heart candies — but definitely the chocolate.

But this heart-filled holiday is about more than spending and gift giving. It’s also the perfect time to show that special someone — like your customers — how much you care. To help you break out of the overly sweet Hallmark vibe, we’ve put together six ways to create a fun and unique Valentine’s Day email campaign your customers will love.

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