5 Ways to Boost Email Open Rates (Fast)


email open ratesYou don’t need a magic spell or complicated code to improve your email open rates – though we must admit, it would be nice if there was a secret shortcut. Fortunately all it takes is some savvy marketing techniques and the right tools.

Open rates are calculated by dividing unique opens by the total number of emails sent, minus bounces. Don’t worry, your marketing automation platform handles the math.

Your task is to figure out ways to boost that number.

Unless you’ve discovered flying unicorns and have a 100-percent open rate, there’s room for improvement (also if you’ve discovered the unicorns please send pics immediately).

Email open rates vary widely by industry, but they tend to fall around the 20-percent mark.

If you’re ready to watch your email open rates go up fast, start incorporating these five techniques now.
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