How to Design Holiday Emails: 6 Inspiring Examples + Tips

With Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Year’s (and  Festivus!) just a couple short weeks away, we’re nearly in the home stretch when it comes to holiday email marketing. That means it’s go time for your digital marketing efforts.

Email marketing brings in 20 percent of holiday retail sales, so it’s no wonder so many companies send out email campaigns this time of year. Beyond the dollar amounts, festive newsletters can also brighten your subscribers’ days and show your brand cares about them — important parts of customer retention.

Brands are sending out season’s greetings, gift guides, holiday discounts, and other merry emails to put people in the spirit.

Need a little inspiration on what to send your email lists this holiday season? We’ve put together some cheerful examples and useful tips for your own holiday creations.

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Thanksgiving Email Inspiration (Plus Tips for Your Own)

thanksgiving email

Thanksgiving is the time of year to practice gratitude, spend time with family, eat way more than you thought possible, take copious naps, and, of course, enjoy some football.

But before all of the turkey and food-coma snoozes, take some time to show your subscribers you’re grateful for them with a Thanksgiving–themed newsletter campaign.

We’ve put together 10 great examples ofThanksgiving emails to give you some inspiration, along with tips for crafting the perfect message.

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