Does Email Marketing Work for Small Businesses?

Email marketing has proven to be the reigning champ of digital marketing. It’s been around for 40 years and is still one of the primary strategies utilized by marketers in virtually every industry.

What makes email marketing so special for small businesses is that it allows them to cultivate an audience they can reach at any given point with any message. There are several nuances that differentiate a good email marketing strategy from a bad one but, on average, a decent email marketing strategy will be beneficial to any small business. Continue reading “Does Email Marketing Work for Small Businesses?”

Differences Between Marketing Automation & Email Marketing Software

 Many business owners use marketing automation and email marketing software synonymously without knowing that they are completely different tools. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. The many intricacies of digital marketing strategies are hard to distinguish from a bird’s eye view.

These two systems are developed to do entirely different functions and, although complementary, they should not be used interchangeably. Your focus is understandably on your business, and your marketing planning and research likely put you on a journey to understand marketing automation and email marketing software.

Good news: We’ve got you. Continue reading “Differences Between Marketing Automation & Email Marketing Software”

The Daily 30-Minute Marketing Checklist for SMBs

main the daily 30 minute marketing checklist for smbs

Marketing presents an interesting problem for small businesses. There are thousands of opportunities to reach potential customers with messages and build relationships with your current audience. To not do it consistently can cause a business to lose marketing momentum. If not carefully managed, the daily process could consume precious time that needs to be spent elsewhere in the business.

This is why it is very important to craft a daily checklist tailored to your business goals and to firmly understand how each component relates to your overall marketing plan. Continue reading “The Daily 30-Minute Marketing Checklist for SMBs”

How to Create a Killer Small Business Marketing Plan

The number of entrepreneurs without a solid marketing plan can be astounding. The vast majority of small businesses have some sort of business plan, but their marketing plan is relegated to a minuscule, non-specific section.

A good marketing plan specifies exactly what tactics and tools your business will use to hit its sales goals. Without it is like going into war without weapons or a general.

Thankfully, your marketing plan doesn’t have to be a 50-page behemoth if you are a small business. A marketing plan works best when it is concise, easy to read, and coherent. Be clear and get right to the point. Continue reading “How to Create a Killer Small Business Marketing Plan”

How to Use Infographic Marketing as a Small Business Owner

Infographics have become an increasingly more popular means of communicating valuable information in a succinct and shareable manner.

The effort of creating infographics is very front-loaded in the sense that, once the infographic is constructed and designed, it tends to share itself after it gains a small amount of traction. In order to reach these ideal circumstances, business owners should try to focus on creating an infographic that provides unique data-driven information that is relevant to share. Continue reading “How to Use Infographic Marketing as a Small Business Owner”